Sorry about the lack of updating. Moving into my apartment has been quite hectic.

The state of my apartment so far:

I have a loft bed which I was given for free from someone I don't even know. She was moving out and instead of dismantling it herself, why not have someone else take it apart and take it away? The loft bed has really cleared up room in Derrick's and my closet of a bedroom. His bed is pushed under, making an L shape with enough room for two work areas with computers. Lack of space is made up for by the fire escape that serves as a balcony out our window.

Being sold the wrong matress, Derrick and I pulled the futon to the street, hopped in a cab squished behind the futon, and the store gladly gave me a new futon. The new futon is much nicer. It seems as though it may hold up even after 3 nights of sleeping on it.

After a week, we finally recieved our cable internet. Steeling internet was easy enough, but at times it crawled and did not allow for efficient use of BitTorrent, which uses most of my internet bandwidth.

The state of my job:

After attending four interviews dressed in white shirt, tie, and pleated pants, I was finally offered a job (which happened to be where I first interviewed). The Office Of Global Affairs. I'll be organizing events with (sometimes) important speakers. Also, Global Affairs handles training and certificates of those training for working with the UN, ambassadors, etc. It seems interesting.

Pictures of the apartment:

Very small kitchen.
The shelf I built myself. I'm proud.
The room. Notice the room for two computers.

My BitTorrent Downloads:

Download The Warning


I moved into my East Village apartment. I was shocked as I walked in and found that my expectation of a nicely sized living room and bedrooms was completely destroyed. The living room is the size of a bedroom, and the bedrooms are half that. The apartment is smaller than any dorm I have had.

I have grown used to it, however. Now the problem is the blaring sun streaming through my east side windows at 6 AM. The noise from 1st ave also seems to keep me awake all night. I'll upload pictures when I have internet set up.


When I awoke this morning at 5 AM, it was to the blaring alarm of pain emanating from my inner ear. It has been the same for five days now, no need for an alarm due to a buildup of “mucus” in the membranes of my face. I strongly dislike the ring of such a description; I think of large quantities of sticky, oozy, salty, green sludge moving around in my deep membranes, and it moves as though it has taken its lessons from the oceans themselves. Giant Tsunami’s of green mucus, splashing with grinding force against the walls of my membranes, torturing me out of my only escape from my infinitely long illness.

When I awoke this morning at 5 AM, high tide was my inner ear. For some reason all the slimy sludge decided to slide through the recesses of my face into the most awkward area. I awoke not only to a pain, but to a most strange sensation. After all, mucus in your ear should feel strange.

Now I can’t hear out of my right ear. I have to be at work in an hour, I can’t hear out of my ear, and I’m in excessive pain. I worry that slicing tomatoes with a clogged ear could be a health hazard. I can’t keep my thumb away from the spinning blade when I’m perfectly healthy, so with a clogged ear who knows what could happen. A cute girl from the front could walk in the back carrying dishes, see the side of my face sliced off, drop the plates on the ground, each one breaking, and then run in absolute fear.

Maybe not, but I’m prone to disaster. Every time I go to the Bombers burrito bar hangout, a cup spills on my lap, or I drop chili fries all over the floor, or I spill two cups on my lap in one sitting. My friends have a running joke about my clumsiness at Bombers. My birthday present was a baby bottle to prevent spills.

I went to the doctor today to get my mucus and sinus linings checked out. Soon I had that black thing shoved in my ear and an “oh yeah…”. Oh yeah? Oh yeah. My ear infection gets an “oh yeah”. Suddenly my ear has become the epitome of ear infection. It could be used in one of those medical books that they use in high school health class with those pictures of hairy tongues, skin diseases, and giant lumps the size of basketballs on some persons face. “This is what could happen if you don’t think about your actions”. It sure scared me. But this ear infection, this growth of bacteria inside my ear, feasting and living on the warm, wet environment, is no fault of my own!

I inevitably have strange things happen to me. Last summer I had a case of mono so horrible that the doctor put me on hydrocodone. It had developed while in Israel, which I was visiting by taking advantage of the fact that Israeli supporters are so committed to bringing American’s over to “Zion”, that they actually pay for the entire 10 day trip. On the fourth day of the trip, I noticed I had an enlarged gland in my neck. By the end of the trip, the lump was noticeably by site. I was suddenly one of those mutants from the medical book with a huge lump growing out of the side of my neck! The moment I arrived home, my health went downhill. My throat was on fire and my esophagus was closing up. The doctor instantly knew. “Its Mono or Strep, but probably Mono. Now I’ll draw your blood”. The high white blood cell count proved that it was Mono, and not the sore throat disease that in rare circumstances eats the skin off your body. Had it been Strep, I probably would have fit into that rare statistic.

Tonight I have been attempting to “irrigate” my nasal and sinus cavities. Irrigation makes me think of giant corporate farms or that picture of an ancient Roman irrigation structure I saw in my history textbook in 5th grade. The last thing I think of is watering my nose. I stand over the sink, tilt my head to the left, and squirt salt water into my nose. The salt water should then go through the black box of my interior face and come out my left nostril. This, however, did not happen. “Maybe your nose is just too stuffed up”, my dad says. Nasal irrigation is for stuffed noses. I sure hope my nose isn’t somehow worse off than everyone else who have irrigated their faces long before irrigation every existed.


Whats with the link bots?


Key Bank had an offer - open an account and get an iPod Shuffle. I recieved mine today.

Now Key Bank has a new offer - open an account and get an iPod Nano.

I must have a nano, a shuffle, an my trusty iPod. I will go to Key Bank on thursday and ask them if me closing my account and then opening up a new account counts as opening up an account without having an existing account.

How great would my life be with all three?


This is what happens when your thumb and a meat slicer come in contact. A bad slice of thumb, a hospital, antibiotics, and no big deal.

I have been trying to learn how to make digital music. Logic Express, Reason, Garageband... all downloaded illegally of course.

Heard the new Thom Yorke album? I find it really, really good. Skip Divided is my favorite song.

Just watched The Third Man. It really is an amazing movie. Its an old film noir that takes place in Vienna. Check it out.


Have you seen the Head On commercial? Its amazing. Annoying, but amazing. And watch until the end to see the finale.

Currently downloading torrents:

  • Reason
  • Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92
  • Aphex Twin
  • AFX - Analord
Lately I have been really getting into Aphex Twin and other electronic or "IDM" music. IDM literally means Intelligent Dance Music. I just really love how these people play around with what music really is. Remove most rhythm, use strange sounds, etc... at what point does it mearly become sound? I suppose what is happening to music is what happened to art. And thats a GOOD thing! Creativity is great, and self analysis + creativity = amazing.